Plantation-Free. . . What's That?

All our teas grow wild on the mountain slopes of Northern Thailand, and handpicked by the Lahu, Lan Na, and Karen tribes. Between the months of November and March the tea leaves are left to grow completely untouched. This allows the plants to recover from the harvest season and to repair themselves naturally. No land is ever deforested in order to plant tea, and animals can roam freely among the plants.

So, what is “plantation free” farming?

Plantation free farming means that the Camelia Sinensis Assamica seeds grow naturally in forests without chemical, pesticides, or fertilizers. It means no land is cleared to plant tea, and machinery is never used for harvesting. We feel that by supporting the plantation free method of farming, we’re supporting a special culture’s way of life and encouraging a more environmentally responsible method of growing tea. Eighty-five percent of the world’s tea is grown on plantations where natural areas are deforested and native habitats and wildlife are destroyed. We work differently. We feel that plantation free farming is a better way. Better farming makes better tea for everyone.

What’s the difference between the two types of seeds?

Most tea grown use Camellia Sinensis seeds. The advantages of using these seeds is that they can be produced in high quantities, can be easily harvested by machine, making the work easier on farmers. However, this process can lead to deforestation, can destroy elephants’ walking grounds, and most often demands a need for artificial fertilizers and harsh pesticides. The tea also loses its natural properties and anti-oxidants – which we want to keep!

Love Some Tea uses Camellia Sinensis Assamica seeds. The Sinensis variety still has its own natural bug repellant, thus pesticides are not needed. As these teas have been growing wild for many years in Thailand, their genetics are strong and don't require tending. We never clear-cut or destroy forest in order to grow tea, and it is picked by hand; therefore no machinery is needed. By not filling the plants with fertilizers and other chemicals, the antioxidant levels remain high. 

Happy Environment, Happy Tea, Happy Customer!

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