Our Story

We love Thailand, and discovered the phenomenal and rich taste of wild Thailand tea many years ago.

Love Some Tea grew from a love of tea.

We couldn’t find this tea anywhere but Thailand, so we started bringing it home with us.

This tea is brought to you with love and the desire to help support the amazing Hill Tribe farmers in Northern Thailand. Enjoy.


What makes Love Some Tea so special and unique? All of our tea is grown wild in the sloping mountains of Northern Thailand and harvested by the Lahu, Lan Na, and Karen tribes by hand. Between the months of November and March the tea leaves are left to grow completely untouched. This allows the plants to recover from the harvest season and to repair themselves naturally. This means no fertilizers, herbicides, or other chemicals are used. And since these plants make their own pest repellent, there is no need for the harsh, artificial chemical pesticides. Our tea is truly grown the way tea is supposed to grow, free.


Love Some Tea flavors with only natural flavorings. We use fresh fruits and flowers and the natural flavors of nature. Our teas are lightly flavored to ensure the taste of the tea itself can always shine through. The flavorings are all vegan and of the highest quality. We chose to use the flavors of Thailand to pair with the teas, as there are very few jungle flavors on the market. We layer our teas with the natural fruits, flowers and oils to ensure that the flavors will impart to each cup of tea through several infusions. Several of our teas also include dried fruit and flowers for added flavor!