Core Values

Our mission at Love Some Tea revolves around 3 values:

Sustainable natural tea from Northern Thailand

This tea is grown naturally, with no pesticides and no fertilizer. It is lovingly grown and harvested by Hill Tribe Farmers who live in the region. Our tea does not harm natural habitats and lives harmoniously with the other plants and animals in the region. No habitats are destroyed, the tea lives in conjunction with everything around it.

Supporting the Hill Tribe Farmers

Our tea has been growing in Northern Thailand since the early 1980’s. It was brought there by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej as alternative crop to help these farmers live prosperously. Love Some Tea is committed to paying these farmers a fair wage, so they can live on their lands in the same ways their ancestors have for thousands of years.

Rare Teas with unique Flavors

Our tea is tended to and harvested by hand. Each tea is flavored by a special process that is unique to Love Some Tea. We layer our flavors to ensure a bright flavor from the first infusion to the last. We strive to provide flavors no other tea manufacturer can, and a tea drinking experience that is unique to Love Some Tea.

Love Some Tea is socially Responsible

Our teas are all wild picked by Hill Tribe Farmers. Because the tea grows wild deep within the forests of Northern Thailand, it is never exposed to harsh chemicals such as herbicides and fertilizers. We don't use thousands of gallons of water to keep the tea growing, thus leaving water for the environment. Since the tea variety we grow has its own natural bug repellant, there is no reason for pesticides.

We strive to be sustainable and responsible in all areas of our company. Our packaging is made of recycled paper or bamboo fiber, and our labels are recycled paper as well. each canister or bag can be fully recycled should you choose not to reuse it. We use a lower opacity natural pigment based ink for our printing needs. And, we have eliminated single use plastics from our packaging with the exception of the bags the products are shipped in.

We invite you to try our tea and experience Love Some Tea® for yourself.

Dark Coconut

$10.00$12.00 USD

Green Rainbow

$10.00$12.00 USD

Tropical Sunset

$11.00$13.00 USD