What makes Natural and Organic Teas better?

Love some tea is grown in the mountains of northern Thailand. Our Tea is unique because it is grown wild meaning it is not grown on a plantation. There are no pesticides or fertilizer used on on our teas, in fact they really aren’t tended to much other than picking and trimming here and there. The Hill Tribe people pick and flavor this tea as they have for thousands of years. In todays tea production a lot of un-natural chemicals are used as well as preservatives to grow the tea faster and also to preserve it longer. Many tea plantations use extensive irrigation and fertilizers which further deplete our natural resources. We don’t know yet what all the effects on the human body are from many of the chemicals used in traditional Tea production, although many of them have been shown to be carcinogenic and have other health ramifications. We don’t use any of these un-natural chemicals. Our tea is as nature intended it to be, wild and Plantation Free. We are currently in the process of having each of the tea areas and processing villages certified as Organic and hope to have this completed by spring of 2020. By choosing Natural  teas you are not only making a conscious decision for your health, but a commitment to protect the planet and its many natural resources.